Another Angry Voice - 14 February 2020

I know that "Imagine the frothing mainstream media rage if Corbyn had done this" is a tired genre, but let's consider it one more time.

Imagine Corbyn had won the election and then forced his finance minister to resign by pressuring him to sack his advisers at the behest of some shady unelected yet all-powerful adviser.

What's more the departing finance minister is then replaced by an inexperienced novice with less than a month to go before his government's first budget.

The mainstream media would obviously be shrieking and howling about the tyranny of it, and the reckless incompetence of leaving the financial budget of the entire nation in the hands of a rookie.

And then there's the promotion of Suella Braveman to Attorney General to consider too.

Just days ago this far-right ideological fanatic was openly fantasising about disempowering the UK courts in order to make the government all powerful, and unaccountable to the rule of law, now she's been put in charge of the courts that she wants to neuter.

Imagine if Corbyn had found someone so far to the authoritarian hard-left that they wanted to destroy the power of the courts to prevent government illegality, then put them in charge of the legal system.

The mainstream media would be in all out attack mode (and rightly so), but for some reason Johnson/Cummings regime gets a free pass on behaviour Corbyn would be absolutely dragged for.

The reason behind this disparity is that the establishment of a lawless and unaccountable hard-right tyranny is exactly what billionaire press barons like Murdoch, Harmsworth, and the weirdo Barclay brothers have always wanted, and anyone working for their publications who dared to openly resist would quite clearly be endangering their jobs, their incomes, their living standards, and their future employment prospects.

Autocrats aren't solely supported into positions of absolute power by the ideological fanatics who adore them and their dangerous ideas, a huge amount of the legwork is done by people who are well aware that the direction of travel is profoundly disturbing, but refuse to object for the sake of their own careers.

The mainstream media hacks who remain silent about Johnson and Cummings ideological fanaticism when they would have been shrieking and howling had Corbyn done anything even a fraction as extreme, they're every bit as bad as the hard-right ideological fanatics who are cheerleading this march to the ideological extreme-right.

In fact it's arguable that they're even worse.

The militant hard-right fanatics are so blinded by their ideology that they simply refuse to even consider the dangers of ideological purges conducted by dictatorial unelected advisers, and overt attacks on the power of the courts to ensure the government respects the rule of law.

The ones who would be screeching their outrage had Corbyn done anything a fraction as bad can see exactly how bad it is, but they're choosing to remain silent for the sake of their own personal comfort.

In their grim amoral calculus, the looming horrors of unelected dictatorship and lawless unaccountable government being classified as "prices worth paying" in return for maintaining their six/seven figure salaries, fame, and social standing.

The selfish, hypocritical, mercenary bastards.

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