Another Angry Voice - 2 - 14 February 2020

Evolve Politics - Tory MP pictured hanging out with Hitler-loving, Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi at Brexit event

If you're a Tory you can erect a statue to the vile antisemitic woman who said Hitler was a welcome solution to "the world problem of Jews" (Nancy Astor) right in the middle of an election campaign, you can spread the antisemitic Nazi propaganda trope of "cultural Marxism" then get promoted after refusing to backtrack or apologise, and you can even hang out with people who publicly celebrate Hitler's birthday, and the mainstream media will just leave you to get on with it.

If you're on the left and show the slightest solidarity with the long-suffering people of Palestine, ever, then the corporate media hack pack will rip you to shreds over it, and treat your legitimate criticisms of the government of Israel as if they're cast iron proof of antisemitic Jew hate.

There's no point in wishing for things to be fairer, and for a liberal capitalist media that doesn't continually whitewash and ignore the grotesque fascist leanings of so many high profile Tories.

This is just the way things are, and something all social progressives and the left needs to factor into the fight.

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