Most Dangerous Mobile Apps That Can Steal Your Data

Google Play Store is the best place to download any kind of app for your android phone. Now, the problem is that all the apps on the Google Play Store don’t have the same kinds of intentions. There are some dangerous apps that can steal your private information and money from your bank accounts. Some people say that if they don’t give permission to these apps, their privacy may not be at stake. They should know that there are some dangerous apps which can get access to your private information even if you are not giving permission to these apps. Most dangerous apps that can steal your private information are given below by a dissertation writing service;

Weather Apps:

Nowadays, weather apps have become very popular and almost all the android mobile users have installed these apps in order to stay up-to-date from the weather conditions. There are some dangerous weather apps that can collect data from your phone and these apps send this data to the hackers. Mostly, these kinds of apps collect your credit card information from your phone. You can easily check recent weather updates from your browser. Therefore, you should delete these apps. The most dangerous weather apps are given below;

  • Weather Pro

  • Weather Accurate

  • Weather Boom


In order to clean the cache and other unnecessary programs from our mobile phones, we are using lots of android apps like Clean Master. In the system of the modern mobile phone, this system is already present. Therefore, you should not need to install these android apps on your mobile phones. Its reason is that these apps can decrease the battery life of your android phones and these apps have viruses too that can steal your private information. Some essential optimizers that you should immediately delete from your android phone are explained below;

  • OptimOk

  • Rational approach

  • Housekeeper

Antivirus Programs From Unknown Developers:

When people come to know that there are some apps that are stealing their private information and data with the help of the attack of viruses, they continued to install antivirus programs in their android phones. This act of the users provides a new idea to the hackers and now, they have created their own antivirus programs. When someone installs one of these antivirus programs, it means that he is giving permission to the hackers to steal his private information and data. Therefore, if you have installed an antivirus program from an unknown developer, you should immediately uninstall it. Some essential antivirus programs from unknown developers that are dangerous for your android phones are given below;

  • Virus Cleaner (High Security)

  • Power Clean System Cleaner

  • Free Antivirus – Remove Viruses

Browsers With Additional Features:

Sometimes, there is a possibility that mobile users are not enjoying video streaming and watching by using traditional apps of the system. Under such a situation, they download some other apps that are providing them with some additional features. These kinds of apps are dangerous for users in two ways. First of all, the ads of these apps are annoying for the users. Secondly, these apps require lots of permissions from users. As a result, it is easy for the developers of these kinds of apps to steal private information and data of mobile users. These apps are explained below;

  • AF Browser

  • Brower Kino

  • Game Browser

Apps For Increasing The Amount Of RAM:

There are some people who are worried about the RAM of their android phones. For this reason, they use lots of techniques for increasing the amount of RAM of their android phones. While gathering information, they come to know that there are some apps that can increase the amount of RAM on your android phone. When they install these apps, these apps clean up some unnecessary space from their mobile phones by deleting cache and unnecessary programs. Your phone has the in-built quality to do it. While doing so, you have to give full control of your android phone to these apps. Here, we will discuss the apps for increasing the amount of RAM.

  • Memory Safe

  • Repository

  • Warehouse Storage

Lie Detectors:

Most of the android phone users are using these apps for creating fun. You should not take these apps easy because these apps can also create lots of problems for you. First of all, these apps shorten the battery spam of your android phone. Secondly, while installing these kinds of apps, you will have to give full control of your phone. As a result, it is easy for hackers to attack your private information with the help of these android apps. Some dangerous lie detectors that you should immediately delete from your android phone are explained below;

  • DD Detector

  • Lietector

  • Trick Me